Pirate's Eye on Joseph Andolino ’75/J.D. ’78 - Seton Hall University

A tax lawyer by training, Joseph Andolino '75/J.D. '78 is an alumnus whose business sense has taken him far. A long standing executive in the corporate world, Andolino now applies much of his time and expertise to providing tax and business consultation with his company Andolino & Associates, while also financing and managing various business ventures in health, residency, and environmental fields. However, for Andolino, investment does not stop in the business sector. A father of two with a heart for students, Andolino has spent time and money enriching and guiding college students, ensuring that his successes may translate into the success of others.

An East Hanover native, Andolino attended Seton Hall Preparatory school, spending much of his high school career on the Seton Hall University South Orange campus. He decided to take on his college career at Seton Hall, in part due to seeing older friends pursue law school at Seton Hall, a path he wished to follow. "It was convenient, affordable. That [led me to Seton Hall], plus the geographic proximity and the Arts and Sciences department," he recounted.

As a college student, Andolino especially appreciated the social network the Hall provided. "I still speak to some of my friends from then," says Andolino, listing off names of fellow alumni. "I felt like the social aspects were really good, and being there you were forced to interact with people and also to learn how to study." Andolino also appreciated the guidance he received at Seton Hall, "I never felt like a number," he stated, remembering a time he told his advisor that he wanted to be a lawyer. "He told me I had to get into gear because my first semester grades weren't great."

After doing just that and earning his Juris Doctor in 1978, Andolino went on to New York University School of Law, where he earned his Master's of Law in taxation in 1981. From there he launched into the corporate world as a trained tax lawyer, holding positions including Vice President of Tax for Coltec Industries, Vice President of Business Development at Goodrich Corporation, and Senior Vice President of Tax at Halliburton. After retiring, Andolino applied his experience and knowledge in tax law to a consulting career for Joseph Andolino and Associates, a company he formed in 2013. 

Andolino's business ventures have also included serving on the board of directors for the successful medical company MD Online, Inc., as well as for The Charlotte Opera, and The Echo Foundation. He's been closely involved in the development of a NYC based environmental company, which is still in its developing stages. "I have a partner, Dr. Roland Stefandl. He is a scientist and I'm the financial guy. We have a process where you can separate the components of carpets into nylon, nylon 66, and polyester, all of which are useable commodities. This process could prevent many carpets from going into landfills; however, the price of oil plays into it. The higher the price of oil, the greater incentive there is for recycling." Andolino explains that the company is not yet profitable, due to the currently low prices of oil, adding, "We patented the process, but we're still looking for a facility. …It's still really in the embryonic stages."

Recently, Andolino has provided consultation not only to businesses, but also to college students seeking to apply their education to the professional world. He's applied his experiences, and a passion for helping college students toward establishing mentoring relationships with young adults. Andolino has particularly invested in the lives of Seton Hall students, establishing the Joseph F. Andolino Endowed Scholarship fund in December 2014, awarded to current and future Seton Hall University undergraduate students. When speaking of his endowment to Seton Hall, Andolino stated "If I can help a deserving student, who lacks funds, but has the drive to transform his or her life, nothing better can be accomplished with my money."

When asked what advice he would give Seton Hall students, Andolino paused, considering not only his college experience, but those of his children. "As a father of two college graduated children, this is my advice. … What I think matters most in your undergraduate education is [expanding] your social life and learning to be independent more than anything else. …You should pick a major you like and excel at, then you should do it. Do what you are passionate about, and be serious about it. The reason for college is not to get a job but to get an education, so find what you like, study it hard, and pursue what you're passionate about."

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